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Array Licenses

  • To use IBM SVC, you must have the FlashCopy license

Array Software

On IBM SVC, ensure the following:

  • Install firmware version SVC / V7000 until;,,,  V9000, V9000 , V9000, V9000

On the proxy computer:

  • Add host group with ports and a temporary LUN to access the storage device

Set Up the Array Information

Provide the identification information for the array to ensure access.

The following section provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the array information.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, click the Storage tab and then click the Array Management icon.
  2. In the Array Management dialog box, click Add.
  1. From the Snap Vendor list, select IBMSVC.

    In the Name box, specify the 16-digit ID of the storage device.

    The ID is the device identification number for the IBM SVC storage device. See the screenshot below for reference or type lssytem command to get the array ID in the command line.

  2. In the Control Host box, type the Management IP address or host name of the array.

    Click Change and enter the access information of a user with administrative privileges in the Username and Password fields in Enter User Name and Password dialog box.

    User must be member of either Administrator or Security Admin group, Security Admin user will have highest privileges.

    Use the Description field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.

  3. Click the Snap Configuration tab and configure the following:

    Storage Device Group: Specify the name of the physical storage pools created on the array to be used for snapshot (FlashCopy) operations. If you do not specify a device group, the default storage pool will be used for snapshot operations.

    Use Devices only from this Group: Select this option to use only the snapshots devices available in the device group specified in Storage Device Group.

    Select Enable Thin Provisioning to enable usage of thin provisioning volume as the destination volume, even though the source volume is a standard volume.

    Select Enable Incremental Re-sync for FlashCopy to determine the clone operation: when enabled, the clone is not deleted permanently. Future clone requests for the same volume will only write incremental data to the target disk.

    IOGroup Name: Specify a name for IOGroup for the FlashCopy target volume. By default, the IOGroup of the source and the target volumes is the same and is presented to the host server by a single IOGroup of the cluster.

    Click OK to save the information.

The Consistency Group (CG) will be deleted on the array when the mount operation runs during the snap backup. For VSA backups, if granular recovery is not enabled, CG will be deleted when the snap ages or the backup copy operation runs.