Backup Troubleshooting - NAS iDataAgent

Backup Restore  

Backup Failures

The following section provides information on troubleshooting backups.

Incremental backups are failing

If all paths in a subclient have exceeded the maximum number of incremental backups, then this event is generated:

nasBackup: Exceeded maximum number of incremental backups. Must run full or differential backup

To resolve this, configure the sConvertToFull additional setting on the MediaAgent to kick off a full backup.

  1. Log into the CommCell Console.
  2. Expand Storage Resources, right-click the MediaAgent, and then click Properties.
  3. Click the Additional Settings tab, and then click Add.
  4. In the Name box, type sConvertToFull.
  5. In the Category box, type NAS.
  6. From the Type list, select STRING.
  7. In the Value box, type Y.
  8. Click OK.

For more information about this error, see Why can I no longer run incremental backups?

NAS-attached libraries are shared across a SAN

During configuration, all of the drive devices must have a value for their serial number.

If the automatic configuration does not populate a serial number for a drive, you must manually enter a serial number value. Each instance of a drive must have the same serial number.

Filtering data that consistently fails


Some items are displayed consistently in the Items That Failed list when running the Job History Report. These items are locked by the operating system or application and cannot be opened at the time of the backup operation.


Filter the files that appear in the Items That Failed list consistently on the backup Job History Report, and then exclude those files or folders during backup to avoid backup failure.

Completed with one or more errors

Backup jobs from NAS iDataAgent will be displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History in the following cases:

  • Backup context no longer exists on the file server. Backup cannot be restarted.
  • Failing restarted backup of path [^1%s]. Failed to get context list from the file server.
  • Data Loss detected. The number of tape blocks written as reported by NDMP tape server does not match the reported value for the actual tape drive.
  • Failed to update the reference time. Failing path.
  • Error committing chunks with the Job Manager. Failing path.
  • Failing restarted backup of path. The restart string does not match the data backed up.
  • Failing restarted backup of path. Unable to parse the restart string. If this error persists, please kill the backup and start a new one.
  • Exceeded maximum number of incremental backups. Must run full or differential backup.
  • EMC Celerra backup failed: probably an incorrect data backup path in subclient content.
  • Error writing chunk trailer to media.
  • Error marking the media full at end of media.
  • ArchiveManager error marking chunk closed in the database.
  • Failure to update restart string.
  • Failed to update media information in the database.
  • Error writing chunk header to NAS attached tape.
  • Error enabling hardware encryption on NAS attached tape drive.
  • Error mounting media in NAS attached tape drive.
  • NDMP Server [<File Server>] was unable to back up path. It is likely this path does not exist.
  • Unexpected NDMP error communicating with client [<File Server>].
  • Unexpected NDMP error communicating with tape server [<File Server>].
  • NDMP connection to host [<File Server>] failed. Verify if NDMP can be reached on this host.
  • Could not position tape. Error returned [<File Server Error String>].
  • <File Server>: tape server halted with internal error.
  • Tape server halted with INTERNAL_ERROR and may not have received any data for the timeout period. Backup may be retried with NDMP_API DWORD additional setting nREADSOCKETTIMEOUT set to a larger value, in seconds.
  • NDMP Server is reporting a write error: [NDMP_MOVER_HALT_MEDIA_ERROR].
  • NDMP Server is reporting a write error: [NDMP_MOVER_PAUSE_MEDIA_ERROR].
  • Received data halt with internal error. See nasBackup.log for problem details.
  • Error updating the new chunk information in the database.
  • Error write file mark to NAS attached media.
  • Error sending backup file information to indexing.
  • When using snapmirror-to-tape, a full volume must be backed up. Backup Path is not a full volume.
  • NDMP authentication failed.
  • Failed to start the NRS process on remote host [<MediaAgent>]