Add NDMP Server/NDMP Server Properties

Use this dialog box to add or edit the details of a NDMP Server host file server.

NDMP Server Hostname

Specifies the fully qualified name of the file server.

NDMP Login

Specifies the user account through which to access the file server.

NDMP Password

Specifies the the password the user account used to access the file server.

Change Password

When selected, enables the NDMP Password field, which can be used to provide a new password for the file server login account. 


Displays the vendor name of the file server.

Firmware Revision

Displays the current software version of the file server.

Listen Port

Specifies the default computer port socket number assignment. (Default value is 10000.)


When clicked, the Vendor, Firmware Revision and Listen Port information are automatically populated.

Supported Features

Displays license information for NetApp file servers.


When clicked, deletes the entry for the NDMP server. (Even if the server has already been entered into the database, clicking this button will remove it.)