Subclient Properties (Content)

Use this dialog box to define the contents of a new subclient or change the content of an existing subclient.

Contents of subclient

Displays a list of paths of data/workspaces/categories/documents/folders included as content for this subclient. Special characters (such as "\" "/" "." ",") represent content of the default subclient that is not assigned to other subclients within the backup set. For Unix, when a symbolic link is included in the subclient content, the target of the symbolic link along with the link itself can be displayed.


Click to delete the selected path/data/folder from the Contents of subclient list for this subclient.


Click to browse for new content that you want to add to this subclient. This option is only available for NetApp file servers.

Backup Content Path

Click the drop-down list arrow to display the root volumes on the file server. To change the root volume, click another volume from the list. If you want to refine the content path further, use the space below the root volume selection to enter additional path information. Note the following:

  • For NetApp, the root volume is the mount path of each volume.
    Example: for volume FS1 the root volume will be /vol/FS1.
  • For EMC Celerra, the root volume is the mount point created for a volume.
    Example: for volume FS1 with mount point /FS1 the root volume will be /FS1.

    For Celerra tape silvering, specify the source path of the replication that was created from the Celerra Management Console or command line. Append .ts to the path name. For example, /sourcefs/.ts.

  • For Hitachi, no root volumes are shown in the drop down list. Type the full path of the root volume.
    Example: for volume FS1 with mount point /mnt/FS1 the root volume will be /mnt/FS1.
  • For BlueArc (Hitachi NAS), the root volume is a combination of a descriptor of the path and the volume name.
    Example: for volume FS1 with a mount point of / the root volume will be /__VOLUME__/FS1.


Click to add the data that you specified in Backup Content Path to the Contents of Subclient list.

Case Sensitive

Specifies whether the content paths will be case sensitive. Selecting this option will cause the system to recognize the difference between upper case and lower case characters in the content path.