Database Duplication for Oracle

You can duplicate databases from backups, or from an active database to the same or a new host.

A duplicate database is a copy or a subset of the target database and has a unique database identifier (DBID). It is independent of the primary database and can be registered in the same recovery catalog as the primary database.

Create a duplicate database for testing, and demonstrations.

When you duplicate a database from an active database, no backup is required. The duplicate database is a copy of the current data on the target database.

The duplicate database can be on the same or different host with or without a configured instance.

You can create a duplicate database without connecting to the target database (targetless clone) when:

  • The target database is on a different network than the destination database
  • The target database is unreachable (for example, in a disaster recovery scenario)

Oracle supports this option when:

  • The Oracle version is 11gR2 or later
  • The Oracle catalog is in use