Oracle Backup Examples Using the RMAN Command Line Interface

Use the Oracle Recovery Manager interface to perform SnapProtect backups when the SnapProtect interface does not support the RMAN commands or options, or when you do not want to use the CommCell Console interface.

SnapProtect supports the following RMAN backups:

  • Full backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Archive Log backups
  • Flash Recovery Area backups
  • Multi Stream backups
  • Clustered environment backups
  • On-Demand backups

To learn more about using RMAN with SnapProtect, we recommend that you explore the examples or code snippets.

When you perform an incremental backup or a log backup, you can configure the software to mark the job as full or incremental. For information, see Marking Command Line Data and Log Only Backup Jobs as Full or Incremental for Oracle