Advanced Restore (Duplicate DB Options)

Use this dialog box to choose options for creating a duplicate database or a standby database.

Time Zone

Lists the time zones for a Point In Time recovery. To change the time zone, click one in the list.

No Filename Check

Specifies whether RMAN will check target datafiles sharing the same names as the duplicated files to see if they are in use. Selecting this option prevents RMAN from performing this check. This option is required when you are using the same path (the standby and primary datafiles and logs have identical filenames).

Duplicate for Standby

Specifies whether the database being duplicated is to be used as a standby database. Selecting this option will create a standby database with the same configuration as the target database.

Oracle SID

Use this space to enter the Oracle System Identifier (SID) that will be used for the standby database.

Do Recover

Specifies whether RMAN will recover the standby database after it has been created. Selecting this option will recover the standby database.

Duplicate From Active Database

Specifies that the duplicate database is created from the active database and not from a backup.