Oracle Tag Variables

When you create Oracle tags, you can also include variable names that are substituted with the actual value during the backup or restore operation.

The CommCell Console limits the Oracle tag name to 31 characters. If the Oracle tag name exceeds the 31-character limit after substituting the values, the name is truncated. You can preview the script from the CommCell Console to identify any variable truncation.

You can include the following variables in the Oracle tag name:

Variable Name Description
%CC% The CommCell identifier
%SC% The subclient name
%JOB% The job identifier
%LVL% The backup level (FULL or INCR)
%PHASE% The backup phase when the backup piece was created. (DATA or LOG)
%DATE% The job start date on the client, in YYYYMMDD format
%TIME% The job start time on the client, in HHMMSS format (HH is in 24-hour format)