Using PARMS in the Oracle Allocate Channel Command

On UNIX clients, you must run the allocate channel command using PARMS, when the SBT library has not been re-linked.

The SBT channel that you specify in the allocate command uses the media library that you specify in PARMS element.


  • Create and run an RMAN script similar to the one below. This script allocates the channel and specifies the media library the channel uses.

    For information on the supported SBT and RMAN parameters, see SBT Parameters and RMAN Parameters.

run {
allocate channel ch1 type 'sbt_tape'

The SBT_LIBRARY path for the various platforms are listed below:

  • AIX with 64 bit Oracle - <Client Agent Install Path>/Base64/libobk.a(shr.o)
  • Solaris with 64 bit Oracle -<Client Agent Install Path>/Base64/
  • Linux on System Z with 64 bit Oracle - <Client Agent Install Path>/Base64/
  • All Other UNIX platforms -<Client Agent Install Path>/Base/