Configuring the Parameters for CommCell Console Third-Party Restore Job Authentication

You can have the CommCell Console authenticate third party Oracle restore jobs to ensure that the user has the correct credentials and has included a valid token file in the job request.


  1. Create a user group that has the following capabilities:
    • Agent Management
    • Data protection
    • Recover options - In Place Recover and Out of Place Recover

    For Information on how to create a user group, see User Administration and Security - Managing User Groups.

  2. Enable CommCell Console Authentication of  Oracle Third Party Command Line Restore Jobs.
  3. Run the qlogin command with the token file (-f) and user name (-u) options to obtain a token file.
  4. Create a token parameter text file that specifies the location of the token file that the qlogin command created.

    To see the token file contents, on the command line, type the following command, substituting token_paremeter_file with the token parameter text file name.

    cat token_parameter_file


    cat thirdpartytoken.txt

  5. Set the file permissions on the token file that the qlogin command created so that application users can read the file.


    If the token file name is "tokenfile", on the command line type the following:

    chmod 740 /tmp/tokenfile

  6. Set the token file in the channel parameters when you perform third-party command line restores. Set the CvQcmdTokenFile parameter to the token parameter file location.

    For information on required and optional SBT parameters, see SBT Parameters.


    PARMS="SBT_LIBRARY=/commvault/##_DOC_OEM_INSTALL_DESTINATION_COMPANY_FOLDER_##/Base/,BLKSIZE=524288,ENV=(CvInstanceName=Instance002,CvQcmdTokenFile=/oracle/oracle11.2.0.3/scripts/test _token)";