Archive Options

Archive Options

Select the archive options.

Archive Database

Check this box to select the database the data will be archived to.

  • Client

    The archive database host.  Data is moved here prior to being moved to media.

  • Database Name

    The archive database name. 

  • Connect Details

    The password used to access the Archive Database.

Create uniform view for Archive and History tables

A view is created under the source database that is a union of the source table and archived data.

When the uniform view option is selected the archive job creates views in the source and destination databases as per the archive criteria and UNION ALL of all jobs.

The database views are created doing a UNION of all jobs by the archive job.

The view is created by default on the destination (archive) database.

The view is created under the same schema used to archive the data, configured at instance properties.

For example if Jobid 100 picks up 2 records with status=’A’ and Jobid 101 picks up 5 records with status=’B’ then both databases have 7 records, using the following:

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW archiveuser.<table> AS SELECT * FROM source_schema.<table> UNION ALL SELECT * FROM histdb.<table>@<dblink>

Path for the Archive Data Files

The directory path for the archived data file.  Use the Browse button to navigate to the location.  The datafiles are created in this path.

Retain data in history tables

The number of days the data is saved in the history tables on the archive database.  The default is 365 days.

Retain data on media

The number of days the data is saved on the media The default is 1825 days (5 years).