SAP MaxDB Instance Properties (Storage Device)

When you create a new instance, use this tab to add the details of the instance.

For an existing instance, use this tab to view or change the storage policy used to back up data via the command line for the selected instance, select a storage policy for backing up logs on the selected instance, view or select a default storage policy for the selected instance or view or establish the options for Deduplication on the subclient.

Command Line Backup

Storage Policy used for SAP user command

  • When you create a new instance, specify the storage policy used for SAP command line backups and restores

  • For an existing instance, you can use this space to select another storage policy. A changed storage policy will apply only to new SAP command line backup jobs (i.e., those backup jobs that you subsequently start).

Log Storage Policy

Storage Policy used for all Archive Log backups

When you create a new instance, specify the storage policy used for Log backups.

Data Transfer Option

Software Compression

Select the software compression to be used for "Command Line Backup" in case hardware compression is not available or not selected on the destination storage policy copy.

  • On Client - Use the client's software compression functionality.

  • On MediaAgent - Use the MediaAgent's software compression functionality.

  • Off - Do not use software compression.

Resource Tuning

Specify the number of processes (1-4) that the client uses to transfer data. Improvement in performance is resource dependent.

Throttle Network Bandwidth (MB/HR)

Specify the number of processors from available options.


Use this tab to establish the options for deduplication on the subclient.

Enable Deduplication

Use this option to enable or disable deduplication for the subclient.

When enabled, you can choose to generate the signature (a component of deduplication) on the client or on the MediaAgent computer.


  • The deduplication is supported on disk storage devices. Therefore, the deduplication options are applicable only if the subclient is associated with a storage policy containing disk storage.
  • For source-side deduplication, the signature generation always occur on the client.

On Client

Click to enable signature generation on the client computer.

On MediaAgent

Click to enable signature generation on the MediaAgent computer.