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Performing a Restore

It is recommended that you perform a restore operation immediately after your first full backup to understand the process.

You can perform a basic restore operation to restore and recover an entire database. The following section provides step-by-step instructions for running your first basic restore:

  1. Open the DBM Command line Interface and verify the status of the database.

    #> dbmcli -d CERT1 -u dbm,dbm -uUTL
    dbmcli on CERT1>db_state

  2. MaxDB should be in admin (cold) state to perform a basic restore operation. If the database is in online (warm) mode, execute the command.

    #> dbmcli -d CERT1 -u dbm,dbm db_cold

  3. Verify the status of the database again.

    #> dbmcli -d CERT1 -u dbm,dbm -uUTL
    dbmcli on CERT1>db_state

  4. Type the command to check all backup IDs. The command should return OK.

    #> dbmcli -d CERT1 -u dbm,dbm -uUTL
    dbmcli on CERT1>backup_ext_ids_get BackData2

  5. Type the command to list all the External Backup ID's. The command should return OK and display a list of all External Backup ID's.

    dbmcli on CERT1>backup_ext_ids_list
    AVAILABLE|CERT1 SAP_0_46 /space/sdb/data/cert1/files/pipe_mem1|DATA MIGRATION|2005-11-05 16:11:49|
    AVAILABLE|CERT1 SAP_0_46 /space/sdb/data/cert1/files/pipe_mem2|DATA MIGRATION|2005-11-05 16:11:49|

  6. Type the command to execute the restore of entire database.

    dbmcli on CERT1>recover_start BackData2 DATA ExternalBackupID "CERT1 SAP_0_46 /space/sdb/data/cert1/files/pipe_mem1, CERT1 SAP_0_46 /space/sdb/data/cert1/files/pipe_mem2"

    The restore should complete without any errors.

    dbmcli on CERT1>exit

  7. You can monitor the progress of the restore job in the Job Controller or Event Viewer window of the CommCell Console.

  8. Once the restore job has completed, right-click the entity (e.g. agent, instance) and click View | Restore History.

    If the entity chosen is the client computer, click View | Job History

  9. Click OK.

Congratulations -  You have successfully completed your first backup and restore.

If you want to further explore this Agent's features read the Advanced sections of this documentation.