SAP Oracle Instance Properties (Details)

When you create a new instance, use this dialog box to add the details of the instance. For an existing instance, use this tab to view or change the details of the selected instance.

Connect String

  • When you create a new instance, specify the database connect string.
  • For an existing instance, you can change the database connect string by entering 1) database user ID, 2) password for the user ID @ 3) Oracle instance name in the three spaces provided. The user ID must have SYSDBA, ALTER SYSTEM and SELECT ANY TABLE system privileges.

Alternatively, instead of the SELECT ANY TABLE privilege, you can create less powerful user IDs with the following object privileges:


You can create a user ID with these privileges, or you can use the internal user ID.

Use Secure Store

Select this option when you use the SAP Secure store feature.

SAP has introduced a new feature in kernel 7.20 called Secure Store that provides document security through digital signatures. For a complete description of Secure Store, go to the SAP support site, Secure Store.

SAP EXE Folder (Required)

  • When you create a new instance, enter or click Browse to specify the path containing BRBackup and other SAP executables files. This path can be obtained from the SAP server environment variables.
  • For an existing instance, click Browse to change the specified folder path.