Instance Properties (SnapProtect Operations)

Use this tab to enable SnapProtect and to establish the options for SnapProtect operations, for the selected Instance.


Specifies whether the SnapProtect backup for the selected instance is enabled or disabled.

Available Snap Engines

Lists the available snapshot engine vendors. To select a snapshot engine vendor, click the pull-down arrow and select the snap engine that you want to use.

  • Enter Array Credentials

Click to access the Array Management dialog box, which enables you to add or modify access information for an array.

Use Proxy

Use this list to specify the name of the proxy server that will be used for performing the SnapProtect backup operations.

Use source if proxy is unreachable

Select to use the source machine for SnapProtect backup if the proxy client is not available.

Save As Script

Click to open the Save As Script dialog, which allows you to save this operation and the selected options as a script file (in XML format). The script can later be executed from the Command Line Interface using qoperation execute command.

When you save an operation as a script, each option in the dialog will have a corresponding XML parameter in the script file. When executing the script, you can modify the value for any of these XML parameters as per need.