Subclient Properties (Logs Backup)

Use this tab to determine for which instances the archive redo logs will be backed up or deleted and also the instance order for these tasks

Backup Archive Log

Specifies whether archived redo log files will be backed up. These logs can be applied to the database in order to recover it to a point-in-time. Keep in mind that when this option is selected, the Resync Catalog option on the Backup Arguments tab will automatically be selected by default. This option is not available when you select Offline Database.

Archive Delete

Specifies whether archived redo log files will be deleted once they are backed up. Any archived redo log files that do not match the format indicated by the LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT environment variable are not deleted. This option is available only when you select the Backup Archive Log option.

Disable Switch Current Log

When selected, log switching is disabled for the current redo log file during an archive log backup.

Archive Log Second Copy

Select to create a second copy of the offline redo log files which were already archived.

Use Traditional Backup for Logs

While running an SnapProtect backup, select this option to traditionally back up the logs after snap backup of data is complete.

Select SnapProtect check box under SnapProtect Operations tab to enable this option.