Configuration Decision - SharePoint Server iDataAgent

Overview Deployment Configuration Decision

The following backup sets are supported for SharePoint Server iDataAgent. Configure these backup sets as needed, based on your SharePoint environment and restore needs. Click the name of a backup set to continue.

Backup Set Type Description
Farm Added by default during deployment. Items that are visible in the Central Administration under Farm Backup such as Farm Configuration Database, Web Application, Service Applications etc are backed up.

  • Ensure to exclude the SharePoint Service Application's Databases from SQL Server backups, which are being backed up using the SharePoint Server iDataAgent.
  • Any new item added to Farm will require a full backup.

Document This Backup Set is added by default during deployment. Use for backing up and restoring the following:

Subsites, Lists, Document libraries, List items, Library items. 

Site Collection Must be created under SharePoint Server iDataAgent. This backup set provides faster backups than the document backup set, but it cannot restore individual items.

Use for backing up and restoring the following:

Site Collection, Alerts, Workflows, Recycle Bin, Events and the Apps for SharePoint 2013.