Performing Backups Using SharePoint Storage Manager

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There are different backup phases that run in the background when a full or a differential backup operation is run using the SharePoint Storage Manager. Before running a backup, you can change some settings in the backup phases, such as number of BLOBs processed per batch, number of disaster recovery run for delayed stubbing. For more information on the different phases, see Full and Differential Backup Phases.

  1. Open the CommCell Console.
  2. In the CommCell Browser, click Client Computers.
  3. Click the client where the SharePoint Storage Manager Agent is located.
  4. Click the backup_set where the SharePoint Storage Manager subclient is located.
  5. Right-click the subclient with SharePoint Storage Manager data and click Backup.
  6. In the Backup Options dialog box, specify to run a full backup:
    1. Under Select Backup Type, click Full.
    2. Under Job Initiation, click Immediate.
  7. Click OK to run the backup job.

    The backup job appears in the Job Controller tab in the CommCell Console.