Configuring SharePoint Storage Manager

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You must configure SharePoint Storage Manager before you can archive and back up SharePoint data. Configuration includes the setup of the SharePoint and SnapProtect servers.

To configure SharePoint Storage Manager, complete the following tasks on the SharePoint and the SnapProtect servers in the order listed:

  1. Enable SharePoint Storage Manager from SharePoint Central Administration

    After you install the SharePoint Storage Manager Agent, you can enable Remote BLOB Storage on all the content databases.

    For more information, see Enabling Remote BLOB Storage on Content Databases.

  2. Configure advanced options from SharePoint Central Administration

    You can also configure advanced options from the SharePoint Central Administration. Advanced options include migrating the SharePoint data, scheduling the migration of SharePoint data and viewing all the scheduled jobs.

    For more information, see:

    Deleting Orphaned BLOBs Using RBS Maintainer

    Migrating Data from the Content Database

    Scheduling Migration of Data from the Content Database

    Viewing All Job Schedules for Content Databases

    Migrating External BLOB Storage-Archived Files to Remote BLOB Storage

  3. Configure backups, archival and pruning of SharePoint data that is managed by SharePoint Storage Manager

    You can back up the web-application data, content database, and BLOB data using the SharePoint Storage Manager Agent.

    You can archive the SharePoint externalized data from the CommCell Console after enabling and configuring the archiving rules.

    For more information, see:

    Enabling and Configuring Archiving for SharePoint Backup Data

    Pruning Data from Archive during Synthetic Full Backup

  4. Configure advanced subclient settings

    Configure advanced settings for SharePoint Storage Manager Agent subclient. These are the optional settings which you can configure as per your requirement. Advanced settings include enabling deduplication of the backup data, configuring software compression for data transfer, pruning data from archive during the synthetic full backup.

    For more information, see:

    Running Pre-Post Processes before or after Backup Jobs

    Enabling Deduplication

    Disabling Backup on the Subclient

    Configuring Software Compression for Data Transfer

    Configuring Available Network Resources for Data Transfer