Enabling Remote BLOB Storage on Content Databases

After SharePoint Storage Manager Agent is activated on the SharePoint server, you must enable Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) on all the content database.

Enable the RBS from the SharePoint Central Administration. You must perform this procedure on every web application associated with content databases that you want to set to RBS.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, open the SharePoint Central Administration tool.
  2. Click Application Management > Configure Remote BLOB Storage.
  3. From the Web Application list, select a web application.

    A list of content databases for the selected web application is displayed.

  4. For each content database associated with the web application, select the RBS Enabled checkbox.
    1. In Minimum BLOB storage size (KB), enter the file size threshold.
    2. In the UNC Path RBS Cache Location, enter the path where you want to store the BLOB data.
  5. Click Enable RBS.

    SharePoint Storage Manager is automatically configured on all other SharePoint front-end web servers.

    On successful configuration, the Status column is updated. In case of failure, see KB Article SP0011.

  6. Restart the SharePoint Timer Service on all front-end web servers before configuring the next content database.
  7. When all content databases are enabled, close the SharePoint Central Administration page.

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