Migrating External BLOB Storage-Archived Files to Remote BLOB Storage

In the SnapProtect software Version 9, if you archived the files using the External BLOB Storage (EBS) before enabling the Remote BLOB Storage (RBS), after RBS is enabled, you can migrate this data from EBS to RBS.

Before You Begin

  • You must have EBS-archived files present in the SnapProtect software Version 9.
  • You must have either an upgraded Version 10 software or both Version 9 and Version 10 software.
  • You must have the latest service pack installed on Version 10 software.


Following are the steps to migrate the EBS-archived files to RBS content database on a SharePoint Server:

  1. Using the Windows Registry Editor, create a string type registry key RBSInstance at the location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CommVault Systems\Galaxy. Value of this registry key should be the instance name of Version 10.
  2. Create the following additional settings:

    For instructions on creating an additional setting, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

  3. Enable RBS on the EBS-archived content database from SharePoint Central Administration tool.

    For steps to enable RBS, see Enabling Remote BLOB Storage on Content Databases.

  4. From the SnapProtect software Version 10, run the following command from the Software_Installation_Directory/Base directory :

    CVSPMigrate.exe -migrate ebs -vm <instance_name> -dbName <content_db_name> -batchsize <number_of_files>

    For example:

    CVSPMigrate.exe -migrate ebs -vm instance1 -dbName db1 -batchsize 50

  5. Check the RBS cache location to verify that the EBS-archived files are migrated.

To recall the archived files, you can open the files directly from the SharePoint Server.

Note: Uninstall the SharePoint Archiver Agent with EBS Provider Technology only after you recall all the EBS files that are migrated to the Remote BLOB Storage (RBS).