Viewing All Job Schedules for Content Databases

You can use the consolidated view of the schedules for a specific content database to remove or modify schedules. The View All Schedules window displays information such as schedule name, task type, last and next run time, last run status, and result.

  1. From the Windows Start menu, open the SharePoint Central Administration tool.
  2. Under Central Administration, click Application Management > Configure Remote BLOB Storage.
  3. Click the Web Application list and select a web application.
  4. To view all schedules associated with a content databases, complete the following actions:
    1. Click Advanced, select View All Schedules, and then click Next.
    2. In the View All Schedules window, click a schedule name to view or edit the settings for the schedule, or to delete the schedule.
    3. The window that opens after selecting the View Schedule or Edit Schedule option depends on the type of schedule.

      For example, if you select an RBS maintainer schedule, RBS Maintainer window is displayed. If you select a data migrator schedule, Scheduled Content Management window is displayed.

  5. Click Back to close the View All Schedules window and click OK to close the Advanced Options window.