Subclient Properties (SnapProtect Operations) - SQL Server iDataAgent

Use this tab to enable SnapProtect backup and to establish the options for SnapProtect backup operation, for the selected subclient.


Select this checkbox to enable the SnapProtect backup for the subclient

Available Snap Engines

Lists the available snapshot engine vendors. To select a snapshot engine vendor, click the pull-down arrow and click the one that you want to use.

Use Separate Proxy for Backup Copy

Select this check box if you want to use a separate proxy for Backup Copy operations.


Select a proxy for Backup Copy operations

Use source if proxy is unreachable

Select to use the source machine for SnapProtect backup if the proxy client is not available.

Proxy for SQL Integrity Check

Select this check box if you want to run integrity check of the hardware snaps during an SnapProtect backup.

Use Proxy

Select a proxy that has the same or higher SQL server version as that of source.

SQL Server Name

Type a SQL Server Name to connect to a specific SQL instance during integrity check.


Enter the User Name and Password to establish connection with the SQL server.