Advanced Backup Options (Data)

You can select advanced options to backup data. Note that all the options described in this help may not be available and only the options displayed in the dialog box are applicable to the agent for which the information is being displayed.

Follow Mount Points

When selected (default) for Macintosh File System, Unix File System, or Windows File System, specifies that the backup will include both the mount point and the data pointed to from that mount point. For Windows File System, this data is backed up even if it is included in another subclient; therefore, data for this file system can be duplicated in the backup. For all supported file systems, clearing the Follow Mount Points option in the Advanced Backup Options dialog box causes the configuration (i.e., the mount point) to be backed up without backing up the data on the mounted volume.

For SnapProtect backups, nested mount points are not supported. To back up the nested mount points, add each mount point into subclient content or create individual subclients for each mount point.

NFS, CIFS, and Samba shares are not included in the default subclient. For more information about backing up NFS-mounted file systems, see Configuring Backups for NFS-Mounted File Systems.

Check for deleted stubs

Specifies to run a check for deleted or moved stubs during synthetic full backups.

Search only subclient content

Specifies to search only the subclient content during synthetic full backups.

Create Backup Copy immediately

Select this option to perform inline backup copy operation.