VM Lifecycle Policy (Name)

The Enter the Policy Name and Description page of the VM Lifecycle Policy wizard provides basic policy information and enables you to change defaults for advanced policy features.

Policy Name

Enter a name for the policy.


Enter a description for the policy.

Advanced Policy Features

Click to modify default values for advanced settings. On the Advanced Policy Features dialog, you can modify the following values:

  • Maximum Allowed Live Mounts Per User: Total number of live mounts permitted for each user; defaults to 1.
  • Decommission VM after: Defaults to 1 (hour). Limiting the lifespan of live mounted VMs helps control use of resources.
  • Associated Client Group: Select this option and choose a previously defined client computer group from the drop-down list.

    Click OK to save changes on the Advanced Policy Features dialog.


Click to go to the Select the vCenter and Datacenter page.