Virtual Server Instance Properties (Proxies)

Use this dialog to add or remove proxies for the VMware vCenter client.


  • Add

    Click Add to add proxies to the VMware vCenter client. You can add any computer as a proxy if it has Virtual Server Agent installed. You must add at least one proxy to the VMware vCenter client.

  • Remove

    Select a proxy from the list of proxies and click Remove to remove the selected proxies from the virtualization client.

  • or

    Select a proxy in the list and click the up arrow or down arrow  to change the order of proxies in the list.

Clients / Client Groups

Displays the list of clients or client groups that are included as proxies in the VMware vCenter client.

The first proxy in the list acts as a coordinator. During a backup, the coordinator communicates with the available proxies and distributes the backups for virtual machines across proxies for load balancing. It also distributes required resources (such as streams) among the proxies.

If a client group is added in the list of proxies, the first client in the client group becomes the coordinator.

File Recovery Enabler for Linux

(Optional) Select a default File Recovery Enabler to use for Linux file restores on all subclients for the instance. A File Recovery Enabler selected during a browse or restore operation overrides this setting.

Proxy ESX Server

  • Virtual Center / ESX Server

    Specify the name of the vCenter that contains the ESX server to use for mounting snapshots.

  • Select ESX server for snap mount

    Click to access the Browse for ESX server dialog box and select an ESX server to use for mounting snapshots.

  • Host

    The name or IP address of the selected ESX server appears in this box.