Subclient Properties (Advanced Options)

Use this tab to configure following advanced options for a subclient:

Number of Data Readers

Specify the number of simultaneous backup data streams allowed for the subclient.


By default, the backup of any virtual machine is performed by one of the proxies assigned to the VMware vCenter client. The coordinator proxy distributes virtual machines across the available proxies for a VMware vCenter client.

When you configure a subclient, you can assign specific proxies for backups of all the virtual machines in the subclient.


Click Add to select proxies to assign to the subclient.


Select a proxy and click Remove to remove the proxy from the list of assigned proxies.


Select a proxy and click the up arrow or down arrow  to change the order of the proxies.

Clients / Client Groups

Displays the list of clients or client groups that are assigned as proxies for the subclient.

Proxy ESX Server

To use the Live File Recovery feature, you must identify an ESX server that can be used to mount an NFS datastore, which enables browsing and restoring files and folders from backup data. The ESX server version installed and the default VM compatibility setting on the host server must be the same as or higher than the ESX server version on the production server. The values entered here are also used on the SnapProtect Operations tab.

  • Virtual Center / ESX Server

    Specify the name of the vCenter that contains the ESX server to use for mounting the NFS datastore.

  • Select ESX server for snap mount

    Click to access the Browse for ESX server dialog box and select an ESX server to use for mounting the NFS datastore.

  • Host

    The name or IP address of the selected ESX server appears in this box.