Subclient Properties (SnapProtect Operations)

Use this tab to enable SnapProtect backup and specify SnapProtect options for the selected subclient.


Select this check box to enable SnapProtect backup for the subclient

Available Snap Engines

Lists the available snapshot engine vendors. To select a snapshot engine vendor, click the pull-down arrow and click the one that you want to use.

  • Manage Array

    Click to access the Array Management dialog, which enables you to add or modify access information for a array.

Proxy ESX Server

Use the following fields to identify a host that can be used to mount a snapshot for backup copy or restore operations. The ESX server version installed and the default VM compatibility setting on the host server must be the same as or higher than the ESX server version on the production server. The values entered here are also used on the Advanced Options tab.

  • Virtual Center / ESX Server

    Specify the name of the vCenter that contains the ESX server to use for mounting snapshots.

  • Select ESX server for snap mount

    Click to access the Browse for ESX server dialog box and select an ESX server to use for mounting snapshots.

  • Host

    The name or IP address of the selected ESX server appears in this box.

Use Separate Proxy for Backup Copy

Select this option to use a separate proxy for backup copy operations.


Select a proxy for backup copy operations.