SnapProtect for VMware – Dell Compellent

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Array Licenses

  • Data Instant Replay license

Additional Requirements

  • On the proxy computer:

    Add a host group to the Storage Center and ensure that the proxy server is connected to the Storage Center.

Additional Requirements for VMware

When performing SnapProtect operation on VMware ESXi 5.0 Environments using Dell Compellent as the storage array, ensure the following:

  • Datastores should be created on non-Boot from SAN volumes.
  • The proxy server must be connected to the Storage Center where the VMware datastore volumes reside. A corresponding server object must also exist in the Storage Center for the proxy server
  • Before entering the user credentials of a user account with Volume Manager privileges, make sure to associate the user with a user group that has access to the source volume folder and the source server folder.

Set Up the Array Information

Provide the identification information for the array to ensure access. The following section provides step-by-step instructions for setting the array information.

The following section provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the array information.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, click the Storage tab and then click the Array Management icon.
  2. In the Array Management dialog box, click Add.
  1. In the Array Properties dialog box, specify the following:

    From the Snap Vendor list, select Dell Compellent.

    In the Name and Control Host box, specify the Management IP address.

    The Management IP address is also referred as the Storage Center IP address.

    For reference purposes, the screenshot below shows the Storage Center Management Console of the Dell Compellent storage device displaying the Management IP address.

    Click Change and enter the access information of a user with administrative privileges in the Username and Password fields in Enter User Name and Password dialog box.

    The user must be the Administrator or Volume Manager.

    Use the Description field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.

    Click OK to save the information.