Virtual Server Instance Properties (General)

Use this dialog to modify properties for the Xen instance, including the instance name, XenServer host, administrator credentials, and XenServer associations.

Client Name

Displays the name of the virtualization client. You cannot change this value.


Displays the agent type (Virtual Server). You cannot change this value.

Instance Name

Displays the instance name (by default, Xen). You can change the name to be more descriptive.

Vendor Type

Displays the hypervisor type (Xen Server). You cannot change this value.

Xen Server

  • Xen Server Host

    Displays the host name or IP address for a standalone XenServer or for the master XenServer in a Xen pool. You can change this value to identify a new master XenServer for the pool.

  • User Account

    Click Change to enter different user credentials. You must provide credentials for the root user or a user account having the Pool Administrator (Pool Admin) role.

Configure Xen Servers

To include other XenServers for the client, click this button. On the Configure Xen Servers dialog box, click Scan; then click Yes in the confirmation box.


Enter a description for the virtual server instance.