Feature Comparison for Virtualization

For each of the virtualization platforms supported by SnapProtect, the following table shows the major features that are available:

Feature VMware Microsoft Hyper-V Citrix Xen Amazon Microsoft Azure
User Interfaces
CommCell Console
Web Console        
Windows Explorer Plug-In        
SnapProtect Support      
Proxy Teaming for load distribution    
Unicode Support    
Database Log Truncation for SQL Server & Microsoft Exchange        
VM Provisioning and Lifecycle Management  
Automatic Discovery of Virtual Machines    
Subclient Filtering for Virtual Machines and Disks    
Backup Set Filtering for Virtual Machines    
Backup Set Filtering for VM Disks      
Backup with Changed Block Tracking (CBT)    
Live Sync (VM Replication)        
Backup Job Commit    
VM Archiving        
LAN-Free Backup    
Automated Retry for Failed VM Backups    
vCloud Director Support        
Browse and Restore
Live Browse (without metadata collection during backup)        
View All Versions    
Multi-VM Restores        
Restore with Changed Block Tracking (CBT)        
Live Recovery for Full VMs        
Live File Recovery with UNIX-Based File System Support        
Agentless File Recovery        
Live Mount (Run from Backup)        
vCloud In-Place and Out-of-Place Restores        
Microsoft Exchange Mining        
VM Conversion
Conversion to Hyper-V        
Conversion to Azure