Accessing the Web Console

The Web Console is a web-based application that allows end-users to manage their data. If this is your first time logging in to the Web Console, you may have to register as a user. For more information, see Registering a User - Web Console.


  1. Open your web browser and type the Web Console URL provided by the administrator in the address bar.

    The URL should be in the following format: http://<HostName>:<Port>/webconsole, for example:

    • If port 80 is used, then you do not need to specify it in the URL.
    • By default, the Web Console URL uses HTTP. You can also use HTTPS if you want to use secure access. To set up secure access, see Configure SSL on the Tomcat Server.

  2. Type your login credentials and click Login to access the Web Console.

    The home page displays all of the applications available to you.

Note: If you access the console from a non-trusted domain and SSO is enabled, close the browser window after logging off from the console. This prevents other users from automatically accessing the Web Console with your credentials.