My Data - Overview

Use the Web Console My Data page to manage the data from your:

  • Desktop or laptop computers
  • Exchange mailbox
  • Virtual machines
  • Shared folders

You can access this page from the Web Console home page.

Operations You Can Perform

The tabs in the upper right of the My Data page are organized based on the sources of data that you want to protect and manage and the operations you want to perform.

Not all users have all of the tabs available on the My Data page. Contact your Administrator if you require tabs that you do not see on your My Data page.

Depending on the data that you want to protect, select the appropriate tab to access its respective documentation:


Backup, restore, download and search data from your computer.


Download and search your mailbox items.


Manage your virtual machines by performing operations such as cloning, creating snapshots and restoring files.


Files or folders that you share with others or that are shared with you.