My Computers - FAQ

Why am I unable to preview my backed up files?

While browsing your backed up data, files may not be available for preview if the data was not content indexed. The data may not be getting content indexed during backup if for example:

  • the Search Engine component was not installed and configured during the Web Console setup.
  • the file type of the data you cannot preview was not specified for indexing in the storage policy associated to your client.
  • the latest backup jobs are not yet content indexed

Contact your Administrator for more information.

Can I specify my own backup content?

Yes. If you want to back up data other than the folders specified by the Administrator, use the steps described in Editing Backup Content to select the files and folders you want to backup.

Can I refresh the Web Console for a new capability to take effect or to see a new Laptop client?

No. You should log off and then log on again to the Web Console for the following changes to take effect:

  • The Administrator has modified the capabilities you have on a client.
  • You have installed the laptop package on a new laptop.