My Mails - Overview

You can view your Exchange Mailbox account under My Mails in the Web Console. This section gives you access to download and search your mailbox items. As part of these operations, you can also refine the search results to easily find the mail you are looking for.

Backup operations are configured and scheduled by the Administrator. Contact your Administrator if you want to change your current backup settings.

Understanding the Information in This Section

My Mails displays the following details for your mailbox account:

Display Name: Displays the name of your Exchange Mailbox account.

Protected: When red, it indicates that the mailbox has not been backed for more than 14 days. When yellow, it indicates that the mailbox has not been backed up in the past 7 days. When green, it indicates that recent backup operations have been performed on the mailbox.

Last Backup: Displays the date and time of the last backup performed for your mailbox.

Next Backup: Indicates when the next backup operation will be performed. When no backup schedule is set, it displays Not Scheduled.

Restore: Provides a link to a page where you can browse, search and download your mailbox items.

Operations That You Can Perform


Provides step-by-step instructions on downloading items from your mailbox.


Provides step-by-step instructions on erasing items from your mailbox.


Provides step-by-step instructions on searching your emails (using specific criteria) and refining the search results.