Subclient Properties (Advanced Options)

Use this dialog box to manage the File System Subclient properties. You can configure following options for the subclient:

Number of Data Readers

Use this space to specify the number of simultaneous backup data streams allowed for this subclient. For best performance, this should be set no higher than the number of physical drives that hold this subclient's data, except for specialized hardware such as RAID.

Allow multiple data readers within a drive or mount point

Specifies whether multiple data reads are allowed for a single Windows physical drive or Unix mount point during backups on this subclient. This should be selected only for specialized hardware such as RAID, or possibly in the case of spanned volumes.

Catalog additional file and system attributes

Allows you to enable collection of file and system data so you can create a report with the Build-Your-Own Reports feature or run the File Level Analytics Reports.

Catalog ACL (end user access control list)

When enabled, ACLs (Access Control Lists) are cataloged, which in turn, allows users to access only those files and folders for which they have permissions, if End User Access capability is available on the client.

Note that when you select/clear the Catalog ACL (end user access control list) option between backup jobs, it is recommended to run a Full backup for the selected option to take effect on the backup data. Conversely, if you run a Differential or Incremental backup after enabling this option, only the newer data will include ACLs.

When cleared, ACLs are not cataloged and therefore not available for use while managing the End User Access during Find, Browse, Restore and Erase Data operations.

Delete Protected PSTs

Select the option to delete backed up Personal Storage Table (PST) files from your client computer. The PST files are deleted only if the files are not modified or changed since the last backup job. For more information, see Overview - Archiving Personal Storage Table (PSTs).

Scan using

Before performing the backup, the computer scans all the content of a subclient to create a list of files that will be backed up. Select one of the following methods to scan the files:

  • Change Journal

     Select this option to use NTFS change journal to determine which files in the subclient are modified.

  • Recursive Scan

    Select this option when you want to scan the FAT volumes, UNC paths and volumes with no drive letter.

    Preserve File Access Time - If you select this option the file access time will be preserved and not modified at the time of backup. Selecting this option may increase the time required to complete a backup.

    Check Archive Bit During Backups -  By default, the files are considered as modified based on the state of the archive bit. The modified files are selected for backup during the incremental and differential backup. The system resets the Archive bit of every file that it backs up.

    If you do not select this option, the files are considered as modified based on the modified time of the file and the system does not reset the Archive bit of every file that it backs up.

  • Optimized Scan

    This is the default scan method. Select this option when you want to scan large number of files and folders for the backup.  The system maintains a separate database to track changes in the files.