Updates and Service Packs - Overview

Service Packs are a collection of updates released on a scheduled basis, containing cumulative hotfixes and updates since the initial release of a SnapProtect version (e.g., v9, v10), to resolve software issues and enhance software performance.

We recommend that you install the latest service pack to remain current with all fixes and enhancements, however we fully support customers on the three most recent service packs. Thus, to remain fully supported, you must apply service packs at least every 6 months. For more information on the service pack lifecycle support policy, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Obsolescence Policy.

It is not mandatory to have the latest service pack installed in order to raise or escalate a Ticket Request (TR) with Customer Support. In some cases, Customer Support might request that you install the latest service pack if it contains a fix or helps in the diagnostic process.

Service Pack Release Schedule

Service packs are available in a 90-day cycle. Every service pack undergoes full regression testing prior to release.

In addition, the Documentation web site is updated with every service pack release. The changes include revisions, corrections, and new feature documentation.

How to Obtain Updates and Service Packs

You can obtain updates and services packs by using the CommCell Console:

  • If the CommServe computer has Internet Connectivity, updates and service packs are directly downloaded to the CommServe cache.

    See Getting Started - Download Updates for more information.

  • If the CommServe computer does not have Internet Connectivity, you can configure a client computer with Internet connectivity as a gateway to download updates and service packs from the FTP site.

    See Configuring an Internet Gateway to Download Software for more information.