Release Notes - Service Pack 15

Whether you are installing this software for the first time, or upgrading from a previous version, please note these important considerations.

Downloading the Service Pack

Obtain the latest major service pack using the CommCell Console. For instructions, see Getting Started - Download Updates.

If you are unable to download the service pack using the CommCell Console, download the service pack from the Cloud Services Web site. For instructions, see Downloading from Cloud Services.

Installing the Service Pack

To install the service pack on the CommServe, MediaAgent, and client computers, see Getting Started - Install Updates.

Known Issues

Auxiliary Copy Jobs on Migrated Data Fail with Database Error

Auxiliary Copy jobs on migrated data fail with the following database error:

Error closing chunk on CommServe: A database query error occurred. Please check log files in CommServe for details.

A hot fix for this issue will be provided soon.

Manually Extracting Service Packs on UNIX Might Change the Parent Directory Properties

When you manually extract the service pack on a UNIX client, the properties of the parent directory might change, such as owner, group, and permissions. The parent directory is the location where you extract the software.

To manually extract the service pack without changing the directory properties, use the following command:

tar -xvf ServicePack_Package.tar --no-overwrite-dir

Edge Drive Upload Not Supported on Bitlocker Enabled ExFAT volumes

Data residing on Bitlocker enabled ExFAT volumes cannot be uploaded to Edge Drive. As a workaround, reformat the volume to NTFS.