Release Notes - Known Issues in Version 11

Whether you are installing this software for the first time, or upgrading from a previous version, please note these important considerations. To view known issues for each service pack, see the list of service pack release notes linked from Available Service Packs in Version 11.

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Mac OS X v10.11.x Upgrade

  • Finder plug-in is not supported. Disable the Finder plug-in before the upgrade.
  • The operating system version is not updated in the CommCell Console to Darwin 15.0.0 or Darwin 15.1.0.

Media Management

SAN Data Server

Note the following limitations for iSCSI SAN Data Servers:

  • Non-deduplicated backups are not supported.
  • Multipathing is not supported.
  • A maximum of 100 data streams can be used simultaneously.
  • If the SAN Data Server is restarted, Commvault Services must be restarted on the MediaAgent, and the iSCSI disks must be rediscovered on Windows MediaAgents.
  • In some cases of failure, the Job Pending Reasons (JPR) are inconsistent.

Data Management

File System Quota and End-User Erase not Supported for New Clients

The File System Quota and File System End-User Erase features are supported in V11 only for client computers upgraded from V10. New client computers added in V11 do not support the File System Quota feature or the End-User Erase feature. We anticipate providing this support in a future service pack.

Backup Agents

Disk Mapping Currently Not Available for Linux 1-Touch Recovery on Dissimilar Systems

Disk mapping is currently not available for Linux 1-Touch recovery on dissimilar systems and will be available in a future service pack.

As a workaround, to enable disk mapping, run the following command on the machine being backed up, followed by an incremental backup:

touch /tmp/legacy1Touch

Archiving Agents

Requirements for OnePass for NAS, OnePass for Windows, and File Share Archiver Client

Windows XP 32-bit version or earlier is not supported for OnePass and File Share Archiver clients. Your computer must be Windows XP 64-bit or later to perform archive and recall operations.


Reboot Required after Upgrade for Virtual Server Agent (Service Pack 4 or Later)

The upgrade to v11 Service Pack 4 or later includes .NET framework 4.5 (for Windows machines) and the latest VDDK driver (for VMware). You must reboot machines where the Virtual Server Agent is installed after these components are installed.