Other Server Packages

By default, some server packages are installed with the CommServe.

You might decide to install the necessary server packages in the following scenarios:

  • You chose not to install other server packages with the CommServe because you wanted to offload additional processes from the CommServe computer.
  • Your environment requires server packages that are not installed with the CommServe, such as the ContentStore Mail Server and the Metrics Reporting Server.

The following table lists the available server packages and specifies whether a package is installed with the CommServe. Click the name of the server package that you want to install.

Package Name Installed with the CommServe by default Notes
Admin Console    
CommCell Console

The CommCell Console is always installed with the CommServe; it cannot be deselected during the CommServe installation. However, you can install additional consoles on other computers.
Compliance Search    
ContentStore Mail Server    
Metrics Reporting Server    
Search Engine    
Web Console Installed only if IIS was enabled on the CommServe computer.
Web Server Installed only if IIS was enabled on the CommServe computer.
Workflow Engine  
1-Touch Server