Installation Methods

You can install the SnapProtect software in your environment by using one of the following methods:

  • Using the CommCell Console

    This method is available if the CommServe cache directory was configured with the required SnapProtect software.

    This method, also known as remote installation, is one of the commonly used methods to install the software. For instructions, see Installing SnapProtect Remotely Using the CommCell Console.

  • Using the Installation Package

    This method is available if an installation package was created from the Download Manager and published through a network share or DVD.

    Installing SnapProtect locally on a computer is one of the most common ways to install the software by using the installation package. For instructions, see the installation steps on Windows or UNIX computers.

    For more information on the ways you can use the installation package, see Installations Using the Installation Package.

  • Using the Download Manager

    This method is available if you have access to the latest Download Manager application. This method is useful if your CommServe computer does not have Internet connectivity and you cannot perform installations from the CommCell Console.

    For more information, see Installations Using the Download Manager.