Installation of UNIX Agents in a Predefined Directory

If you plan to install the SnapProtect software in a predefined directory or mount point, all software files are copied to the snapprotect subdirectory. For example, if your predefined directory or mount point is /opt/sw, the software files are copied to /opt/sw/snapprotect. Therefore, ensure that your predefined directory structure does not contain the snapprotect subdirectory.

By default, the software binaries are installed in the /opt/snapprotect directory. During a remote installation, if the installation program detects an existing directory, then the program performs the following actions:

  • Treats the directory as an existing SnapProtect instance.
  • To avoid overwriting the existing software files, the program creates a new directory (with a number appended) to install a new instance. For example, if you install a second instance, the new instance is installed in /opt/snapprotect2.