Preinstallation Checklist for Metrics Reporting Server

The Metrics Reporting Server allows you to access reports that help you to monitor one or more CommCell computers from a single location on your Web Console. For more information, see Reports Overview.

Use this preinstallation checklist to prepare the computer where the Private Metrics Reporting Server will be installed and to gather all of the information you will need during the installation.

  • Determine the Installation Location

    Based on your environment, install the Metrics Reporting Server on an appropriate computer with the following considerations in mind:

    • CommCell environments with more than 200 clients: we strongly recommend that you install both the Metrics Reporting package and the CommServe package on a separate computer from the backup CommServe computers.
      • Request a Zero (0) Terabyte License from your Account Representative for the CommServe that you will install along with the Private Metrics Reporting Server.
      • Additional packages, including CommCell Console, Web Server, and Web Console, must be installed along with the CommServe software. To review the list of packages, see the Additional Packages Installed with the CommServe section in Preinstallation Checklist for the CommServe. If any of the additional packages are not already installed on the computer, the missing packages will be installed.
    • CommCell environments with 1 to 200 clients: you can install the Metrics Reporting package on the backup CommServe computer. The backup CommServe computer must also have CommCell Console, Web Server, and Web Console installed.
  • Gather Installation Data

    Refer to the items in this section to gather the information that you will need during the installation. Record the information before you begin installing the software, so you can refer to it during the installation.

    You can install the Metrics Reporting package only by using the installation package created by the Download Manager.

    SnapProtect package to install
    Install the Metrics Reporting package, which is listed under the Server category.
    Destination folder for the Metrics Report Database

    By default, the Metrics Report Database is installed in C:\Program Files\##_DOC_OEM_INSTALL_DESTINATION_COMPANY_FOLDER_##\SnapProtect.

    You can change the destination folder, but it cannot be on a mapped network drive.