Installing SnapProtect by Automatically Detecting the Applications Installed on Clients

When you use SnapProtect to protect your data, and you install a third-party application on a client, you must install the SnapProtect software package for that application on the client. This can be a labor intensive process for backup administrators because they have to maintain close communication with application and system administrators to make sure that all applications are protected.

In the following situations, configure the SnapProtect software to automatically detect the installed client third-party applications and optionally install the SnapProtect software package:

  • You want to simplify application agent deployment in an enterprise environment.
  • You have a managed service provider (MSP) environment.
  • You plan to add additional third-party applications after you install the SnapProtect software.
  • You plan to refresh the hardware.

You can enable this feature for a client or client group. When you enable this feature, every 24 hours, the software checks each client and client group member for the third-party applications that are listed in the following table.

Application Linux or UNIX configurations Windows configurations
Active Directory N/A Yes
DB2 Yes Yes
Microsoft Exchange Database N/A Yes
Microsoft SQL Server N/A Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
Oracle Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Sybase Yes Yes

Before You Begin

  1. Install the File System core package on all clients that need to have applications automatically detected.
  2. Create a client group for the clients. For more information, see Creating a Client Computer Group.


Add the additional setting on the client as shown in the following table.

For instructions on how to add additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

Property Value
Name nEnableAutoDetectApp
Category iDataAgent
Type Integer
Value 1 - to have the software automatically check for applications that have been installed.

2 - to have the software automatically check for applications that have been installed and then install the SnapProtect software packages for each application. For example, if the SnapProtect software detects the Oracle application, the workflow installs the Oracle Agent on the client.


If you set the additional setting to 1, the CommCell Console displays the third-party applications that are installed on the clients and client group members with a Product Status as uninstalled, because the SnapProtect software packages for the applications are not installed on the client and client group members.

If you set the additional setting to 2, the software:

  • Installs the SnapProtect package for the third-party application if it does not exist on the client.
  • Configures the client on the CommServe computer.
  • Registers the client with the CommServe computer with the Product Status as 'Auto Detect'.

The following table shows the packages that the workflow installs:

Application SnapProtect package
Active Directory Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange Database Exchange Database
Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server
Oracle Oracle
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Sybase Sybase

What to Do Next

  1. If you set the additional setting to 1, after the SnapProtect software detects the third-party applications, schedule a predefined workflow that installs the SnapProtect software packages for each third-party application. For more information, see Running the Installing Automatically Discovered Applications Workflow.
  2. You can configure cluster Data Agents, for example, Oracle RAC or Exchange DAG by creating pseudo-clients.