Changing the Display Language of the SnapProtect Software on Windows Computers

By default, when you use the installation package that was created from the Download Manager, the installation program uses the system locale of the computer on which you run the program.

You can install the SnapProtect software in a different language by configuring the bShowLanguageDialog registry key. When configured, the installation wizard displays a language selection page where you can select your preferred language. Only the SnapProtect software is affected by the language change, and not other programs.

Before You Begin

  • Review the languages supported by SnapProtect. For more information, see Language Support.
  • Ensure that your computer supports the language that you want to use.


  1. On the computer where you plan to run the installation program, open the Windows Registry Editor window and expand to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ folder.
  2. Right-click the SOFTWARE parent registry key and click New > Key.
  3. Type the following name for the new key: GalaxyInstallerFlags.
  4. Right-click the GalaxyInstallerFlags key, click New > DWORD value, and type bShowLanguageDialog.
  5. Double-click the bShowLanguageDialog key, modify the value in Value data to 1, and click OK.

    When you run the installation program, you can select the language you need.