Installing Version 8 UNIX Clients on a Version 11 CommCell Environment

If you want to protect the file system data of a UNIX operating system that is not supported anymore by the latest SnapProtect versions, you can install the SnapProtect Version 8 software. You can use the UNIX computer with the V8 software only to perform basic backup and restore operations.

To use the V8 software, the UNIX computer must run one of the following operating systems:

  • AIX 5.2
  • Red Hat Linux 3.8
  • SuSE Linux 9.x
  • Ubuntu 7.x

Important: The UNIX File System Agent is the only V8 software supported in a V11 CommCell environment. Other V8 agents, including driver-based agents, and advanced features, such as firewall configurations, are not supported.

Before You Begin

  • Download the following Version 8 software from the Maintenance Advantage website:

    You must download the software to a location that is accessible by the computer where you want to install the V8 software.

  • To support the SnapProtect V8 software, your CommCell environment must meet the following requirements:
    • The CommServe computer must have V11 Service Pack 4 installed.
    • The CommServe computer and the MediaAgents must have open ports for V8 clients so that the clients can establish direct connections.
    • If user authentication is enabled in your CommCell environment, you must provide your user credentials (user name and encrypted password) during the installation.

      To encrypt your password, complete the following steps:

      1. Log on to the CommServe computer.
      2. Create a folder to save the encrypted password in.
      3. From the command prompt, go to the Installation_Directory_Path/Base directory and run the following command:

        SIMCallWrapper.exe -optype 100 -enc password -output C:\Folder_Name\pass.txt

        where C:\Folder_Name is the folder that you created and pass.txt is the file where you want to save the encrypted password.

  • To register the V8 client with your CommServe computer, you must provide an authentication code. To obtain an authentication code, contact deprecated@commvault.com.


  1. Log on to the computer as root.
  2. To install the V8 software, mount the V8 installation DVD and then run the following command from the mount point:

    cvpkgadd -decouple

    Follow the instructions in the installation wizard, and make sure to select the UNIX File System Agent.

    Note: The software is installed in decoupled mode. In decoupled mode, the computer does not establish connections with the V11 CommServe computer during the installation. The computer is registered later in the process.

  3. Install V8 Service Pack 6.
  4. Download the v8_install_script.zip, extract the cvpkgxml script, and copy the script to the installation directory (for example, /opt/simpana).
  5. From the installation directory, run the script by using one of the following commands:
    • For CommCell environments with user authentication, use the following command:

      ./cvpkgxml -cs-short CommServe_Name -cs CommServe_Hostname -user UserName -password EncryptedPassword

    • For CommCell environments without user authentication, use the following command:

      ./cvpkgxml -cs-short CommServe_Name -cs CommServe_Hostname


    • CommServe_Hostname is the host name or fully qualified domain name of the CommServe computer.
    • EncryptedPassword is the encrypted password that was saved in the location you specified. For example, C:\Folder_Name\pass.txt.
  6. Copy the ic.xml file that was generated after running the cvpkgxml script to a location that is accessible by the CommServe computer.
  7. Log on to the CommServe computer and retrieve the ic.xml file.
  8. Open the command prompt, go to the Installation_Directory_Path/Base directory, and run the following command to register the V8 client:

    SIMCallWrapper.exe -input ic_XML_file -output XML_output_file


    • ic_XML_file is the directory path where you saved the ic.xml file.
    • XML_output_file is the directory path where you want to save the output of the SIMCallWrapper command. For example, C:\temp\output.xml
  9. Log on to the CommServe database by using the qlogin command and run the following qoperation command to authenticate the client registration:

    qoperation execscript –sn QS_UpdateClientRelease.sql –si ClientName -si 8.0 -si AuthCode


    • ClientName is the name of the V8 client.
    • AuthCode is the authentication code that you generated using the Coder Tool.
  10. Update the password of the V8 client in the CommServe database.
    1. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
    2. From the Object Explorer pane, go to Server_Instance > Databases > CommServe.
    3. Retrieve the ID number of the V8 client from the output of the following query:

      select * from App_Client

    4. To update the password, run the following query:

      Update App_Client set client_password=ClientPassword where id=IDNumber


      • ClientPassword is the password stored in the ic.xml file.
      • IDNumber is the ID number that you retrieved from the previous SQL query.

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