Changing UNIX Groups and Permissions on UNIX Clients

When you install the SnapProtect software for the first time on a client, you can set the UNIX group and access permissions for all the installation files, including registry entries.

If you need to change the UNIX group and access permissions settings that you configured during the installation, you can run a script to update the settings. This is useful in the following situations:

  • You must set the permissions when you install a database agent on an existing client and the packages have different permissions.
  • You want to set a different group for your SnapProtect files and directories.
  • You want to change the access permissions for those users who are not part of the UNIX group. These users also known as "other users".

    For example, based on your security needs, you do not want other users to read and execute SnapProtect files.

  • You want to apply your current access permissions to newly installed files and directories. This is useful when you installed additional agents to the client, and the installed files are using different access permissions.

Note: You cannot change the UNIX group and access permissions during subsequent agent installations on the same client:

  • If you perform a local installation by using the installation package, the installer does not prompt for the UNIX group again.
  • If you perform a remote installation by using the CommCell Console, any modification to the UNIX group and access permissions will not be applied to the client.

Before You Begin

No jobs should be running on the client.

For example, if you remove "write" permissions for the UNIX group, some SnapProtect directories will continue to have "write" permissions to allow backup and restore operations to complete.


  1. At the command prompt, go to the /usr/bin directory and run the following command:


  2. Select the type of operation that you want to perform and follow the prompts.
    • To change the UNIX group that you assigned for SnapProtect files, type 1 and press Enter.
    • To change access permissions, type 2 and press Enter.

      Note: If snapshots are mounted within the SnapProtect installation directory, you might receive the following error:

      Executables(/opt/InstallDir) ... FAILED

      You can ignore the error and continue running the script.

    • If you installed additional agents, and you want the new installation files to have the same access permissions as the existing SnapProtect files, type 3 to fix the permissions and press Enter.
  3. To apply your changes, restart the SnapProtect services.