Changing the FTP Site Used to Download Software

By default, when you install or upgrade the SnapProtect software by using the CommCell Console, the software is retrieved from the SnapProtect FTP site. If your organization's policies prevent you from accessing an external FTP site, you can host the software in your own FTP site.

Your FTP site must be on a designated computer with access to the SnapProtect FTP site. Every time you download the software from the CommCell Console, the software will be copied from the SnapProtect FTP site to your FTP site.

By default, the FTP configuration options are not displayed in the CommCell Console. You must configure an additional setting to display the options.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe node and click Properties.
  2. In the CommCell Properties dialog box, click the Additional Settings tab and then click Add.
  3. In the Add Additional Settings on Windows Client dialog box, do the following:
    1. In the Name box, type ShowFtpDetails.
    2. In the Value box, type 1.
    3. Click OK.
  4. In the CommCell Properties dialog box, click OK and then close the CommCell Console.
  5. Open the CommCell Console, and from the Home tab on the CommCell Console ribbon, click Control Panel.
  6. In the Control Panel window, under Maintenance, click Internet Options.
  7. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Download Software tab and update the FTP site information.
  8. Click OK.