Configure/Modify Remote Software Cache

Use this dialog box to configure a new remote cache directory on a client computer. You can also use this dialog box to modify the configuration of an existing remote cache.

Lists the client computers where you can configure the remote cache directory.
Enable Remote Software Cache
Enables the remote cache to receive the SnapProtect software from the CommServe cache.
Please Specify Cache Directory
Indicates the location of the remote cache directory, either a local drive or a network share. If you need to update the location, click Browse.
Configure Packages to Sync
Click to configure the remote cache to synchronize only specific software packages.
Update Cache Status
Indicates the status of the remote cache in reference with the CommServe cache. For more information on the update status, see Software Cache Configuration (Remote Software Cache).
Package Cache Status
Indicates whether the remote cache directory is ready to receive the software (packages and updates). Possible status values are Valid and Invalid. If the cache is ready, the Valid status is displayed. Otherwise, the Invalid status is displayed.
Delete Cache Contents
Click to delete the software that resides in the remote cache directory.
Sync Cache
Click to resynchronize the remote cache contents with the CommServe cache. This option starts a new synchronization job.
Add/Remove Clients
Click to associate client computer with the remote cache. The clients that you select will retrieve the software from the remote cache.

If you already associated clients with the remote cache, you can use this option to view or modify the client association.