General Upgrade Considerations for Clients (V10 to V11)

There are some upgrade considerations that apply to most clients, regardless of the agents or other software that is installed on them. Some general considerations are related to:

  • Cluster environments
  • Third-party applications

To ensure a successful upgrade from V10 to V11, review the following considerations as part of your upgrade planning:

Preupgrade Considerations

Consider the following recommendations, notes, and other important information before the upgrade:

  • Browse from Backup Set Level Not Supported on Older Clients

    If you decide not to upgrade a client, remember that if you modify the content of the default backup set, browse operations will not work from the backup set level.

    To perform browse operations from the backup set level, you must upgrade the client. Otherwise, you can only browse from the subclient level.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C++

    Some SnapProtect products use Microsoft .Net Framework and Visual C++. These third-party applications are also upgraded to meet the new SnapProtect version requirements. During the upgrade, the services for the third-party applications are temporarily stopped.

    If you have critical applications using the Microsoft .Net Framework and Visual C++, you should plan the upgrade accordingly. If needed, you can manually upgrade the Microsoft applications before you start the SnapProtect upgrade.

  • User Groups on Macintosh Computers

    If you are required to create a user group with permissions to upgrade the software, see Creating User Groups to Install or Upgrade SnapProtect on a Macintosh Computer.

Postupgrade Considerations

Consider the following recommendations, notes, and other important information after the upgrade:

  • Clients in a Cluster Environment

    Read the following table and determine which considerations apply to your cluster environment:

    Consideration Description
    Cluster plug-in resource for Microsoft Clusters If a node lost its active or passive status, the cluster plug-in resource might be removed after the upgrade. Use the following steps to recreate the cluster plug-in resource:
    1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers, right-click the Cluster_Group_Client, and then click Properties.
    2. In the Client Computer Properties dialog box, click Advanced.
    3. In the Advanced Client Properties dialog box, click the Cluster Group Configuration tab and then click the Force Sync configuration on remote nodes check box to force the cluster configuration on the remote clients.
    4. Click OK.
    Cluster resource configuration You must configure the cluster resources after upgrading the following cluster environments:
    Failover Operations If a MediaAgent or other agent software fails to be upgraded on the active node of a Microsoft, Veritas, or HP Scalable NAS/PolyServe Cluster, failover operations cannot be initiated.
  • Deduplication for Compressed Database Backups

    If you disabled data compression for backups from database agents (such as DB2 or Oracle agents), after the upgrade of those database clients, you can enable compression to achieve a good deduplication ratio.